Documents Checklist


  1. A CV of Bridegroom and Bride (if available)
  2. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate of Bridegroom and Bride
  3. Original and Photocopy of National ID of Bridegroom and Bride
  4. Name and Telephone/Mobile Number of Father and Mother of bridegroom and bride.
  5. Proof of Address of Chittagong of bridegroom or bride where either bridegroom or bride has resided for 14 days before “Notice of Marriage” is given to the Registrar.
  6. 6 Passport Size Photograph of Bridegroom
  7. 6 Passport Size Photograph of Bride
  8. Name, Father and Mother's Name as well as address of three Witnesses and 2 Passport Size photograph, Copy of National ID (if available) of each witness
  9. Original and Photocopy of Divorce Decree of Previous Marriage (if applicable)
  10. If the bridegroom and/or bride is a Foreigner Original and Photocopy of their Passport including last Bangladesh arrival date seal page.
  11. If the bridegroom and/or bride is a Foreigner Original and Photocopy Visa/Work Permit including expiry date page OR
  12. Employment/Business Document of Bangladesh.

Note: Original Copy of aforesaid materials should be brought with you to compare/verify and identify the photocopy. Please bring clear photocopy on A4 size offset paper.

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